Welcome to "Hijack My Generation," a podcast series exploring generational differences and ways to bridge them. Join your hosts, Cadence and Cordell, on an intriguing exploration through each living generation's distinctive experiences, perspectives, and challenges affecting Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z. But understanding our own generations is only half the battle - building connections across generations is also essential to developing and nurturing meaningful relationships. "Hijack My Generation" brings insightful discussions, engaging interviews, and an interactive react segment where Cadence and Cordell discuss current trends and topics from their generations. If you want to understand generational dynamics better or simply looking for a relatable podcast experience "Hijack My Generation" can provide just that - as well as unlock the secrets to creating connections across generational divides!

About us

Daughter and father Cadence and Cordell, explore their respective generations (Gen Z and Gen X respectively) and host guests from other generations to discuss communication, technology, and other generational issues.

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